2018 Q2 - a new platform version release
July 31, 2018
From July 31, a new 2018 Q2 release of the Datagrav information and business intelligence platform is available in the datagrav.com cloud - the second large-scale release of this year.

We have fully updated the appearance of the main page for text-related operations. Brand new user interface is designed in a single corporate style.

Font design updated. By the way, Datagrav supports correct working with text in more than 200 languages - including alphabets such as Arabic, Amharic or Nko.

Access to a new history feed of a separate page, search results, and other service pages is improved.

Users of our test server at datagrav.com are now able to evaluate our new interface which was entirely redesigned in contrast to the classic look we have been used to since 2015.

Among the less visible innovations related to the internal system capabilities we can point out the improved email subsystem.

Replies to the emails sent from Datagrav now get into the system considering the features of various email programs. Different ways of quoting and sending emails are taken into account.

This improvement makes the conventional modes of email dialogue fully integrated with Datagrav.