2018 Q1 - a large-scale quarterly release of the Datagrav software has been issued
April 5, 2018
The release included several major changes related to the document export in a custom user template.

It is now possible to export documents in .docx format preserving the markup and conforming to the general design in accordance with GOST standards.

Important editor function improvements also help to create quality texts. We have plugged the autocorrecting tools for the adequate placement of angular quotation marks and dashes. The resulting texts follow the generally accepted typographical conventions at once.

We have improved the integration module, by providing links to external authorization services such as ActiveDirectory, or LDAP. This makes Datagrav available for in the corporate network with seamless authorization. Or make it part of a large portal.

We also implemented the ability to explicitly manage the shelf life of a record. With this addition, the customer will never get a certificate containing outdated information. Responsible performers receive notes reminding to update obsolete entries automatically and on schedule. And managers can reveal the irrelevant information at a glance.