Datagrav — Energy
Oil and Energy companies
  • Collecting, storing and comparing information.

  • Providing support to decision-making based on information collected (Decision Space).

  • Working with unstructured information, text-based and non-numerical analytics.

  • Integration with industry-based and geographic information systems.
Datagrav — Public Administration
Executive authorities, cross-institutional
and cross-industry cooperation
  • Fast document construction using templates.

  • Coordinating and editing of co-authored documents, including those intended for cross-institutional use or posted openly for the industry or community approval.

  • Task setting directly within the draft document, control and monitoring of the tasks running.

  • Preparing various information summaries and subject heading lists from a single bank of information units.

  • Powerful capabilities to control information relevance, arranging for its simultaneous update across all related document database.
Datagrav — Business
Automation of business development departments, reporting and forecasting for shareholders and owners
  • Market, forecasts, contacts, and expert opinions knowledge library.

  • Fast document construction using approved templates.

  • Document library housing contracts, competitive tenders, technical design specifications and related materials.

  • Multilateral coordination of documents along with their direct shared editing.

  • Full transparency and visualization of revision history and suggested edits.

  • Integration with the existing IT architecture, sophisticated communication technologies, such as email, messengers, mobile apps.
Datagrav — Consulting
Corporate legal departments, financial organizations, compliance services in banking
  • Direct archiving and cataloging while working with documents.

  • Document libraries and knowledge bases, involving employees into processes upon rotation or if experiencing personnel turnover.

  • Full record of all user activities, edits history, including those required for legal holds.

  • Access levels not only for entire documents, but for their parts as well.

  • Document updating upon changes in legislation or with regard to context hypotheses. Managing dependencies graph, derivations, and documents rationale.
Datagrav — Expertise
Unified information environment for organizing expert cooperation
  • Task setting while working with text directly. Monitoring updates, cross-proofreading and approval of texts.

  • Generating professional texts from library using knowledge pyramid. Recommendations are substantiated by forecasts, generalizations, and information.

  • Relevance control, simultaneous updating of related documents, avoiding data duplications and conflicts of meaning.

  • Technological base for generating a product line: not just text, but an IT-platform based database having a value of its own to the customer.

Font graphics has been updated. By the way, Datagrav supports correct text processing in more then 200 languages including Arabic, Amharic, or N'Ko.