Datagrav company has been developing software since 2011.
Our main product is the line of Datagrav information and analytical tools.
This product range includes server and cloud platforms, integration modules for interaction with the customer's IT infrastructure. We are experienced in implementing of our solutions based on the policies and information security requirements of our customers.

Our software is represented in the Russian software register by the following software classes:

  • Office applications
  • Management systems for projects, research, development, design and implementation
  • Process management systems for organizations
  • Systems for collecting, storing, processing, analyzing, modeling and visualizing of data arrays

Companies that make the right decisions hold leading market positions. In the conditions of the modern economy, it is becoming increasingly difficult to make the right decisions outside the streamlined information process: collecting enough amounts of data, its processing and analyzing, consolidated generalizations, forecasts and proposals.

Information processes are important for any organization regardless of its size. Big companies often have the necessary expertise included in their organizational structure, while small ones engage experts on an as-needed basis. But working with consultancy assistants is necessary for everyone.
We provide a full scope of services related to the implementation of advanced information and analytical technologies: training and certification of employees, tutorial events and seminars.

Our specialists are published in leading academic journals and are ready to share their experience both at publicly available regular events (e.g. Modern Technologies for Knowledge Management Seminar) and at specially arranged classes for the Customer.